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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • What is in the Blended soil?
    • 1/3 Premium Compost, 1/3 Mushroom Compost, 1/3 Sandy Loam

  • What is the difference between Fir and Hemlock?
    • Hemlock does not splinter when you touch it and is recommended for households with children and or pets

  • What is mulch?
    • Mulch is a general term and usually refers to a compost, or a bark dust mixed with compost.

  • What does minus mean?
    • Minus means that it has fines in it and the rock can appear “Dirty”

  • What is premium Organic Compost made of?
    • Composted yard debris

  • What is Portland mix
    • It’s 50% fill Sand 40% compost 10% fill dirt

  • What is the best product for a planter bed?
    • Blended soil

  • What product will block weeds?
    • Fresh Fir, Fresh Hemlock, Hog Fuel

  • What rocks are good for French drain?
    • River Rock

  • What products do we take for recycle?
    • Yard Debris, Brush, Lumber, Concrete, Dirt, Sod. Please click here for a full list.

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