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Mulch VS. Bark Dust; What's the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between mulch and bark dust? Which is which? Is there even a difference? Why choose one over the other?

We get these questions all the time. Many people think mulch and bark dust are essentially the same product. Each product is different and has different uses. Both mulch and bark dust can be used for landscape improvement. Here are some ways that they are different and different ways that each product can be used.

Bark dust comes in many varieties. It can come in many different colors as well as sizes. Sizes can vary from coarse to medium-coarseness and even fine. Bark dust can also be from different sources. These sources can be fir hemlock cedar etc.…There are different reasons why one would use on over the other. For instance, if you have children or pets, we recommend using hemlock over fir due to hemlock doesn’t splinter like fir does.

Mulch is material that is used to add nutrients to your current soil. Most times this product is tilled in to bring the current soil back to life and get ready for new plants. Mulch is made of various decaying organic material like such as cut grass, fallen leaves, and yard debris. It is then screened and composted for about a year.

Although these products are similar in many ways, they each have their own benefits for different projects. Stop by at any of our locations and ask us which one is best for your current project.

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