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S&H takes pride in recycling as much material as possible.

At all 4 of our convenient locations throughout the Portland metro area, we are a one-stop location for gardeners and landscapers… drop off your materials for recycling, then pick up what you need to complete your project.


  • Grass, Sod & Dirt

  • Leaves, Weeds & Brush

  • Wood Stumps

  • Clean Lumber & Chips (nails & staples are ok)

  • Porcelain Toilets & Sinks (please remove all non-porcelain parts)

  • Concrete & Asphalt

  • Metal

Not Accepted

We pride ourselves in making high quality products, so please do not bring the following materials:


  • Wood treated with leaded paint

  • Pressure treated wood

  • Penta or Creosote-coated wood

  • Any type of pesticide or fungicide coated wood

  • Glass, garbage, batteries, tires or plastic



Materials that we are not equipped to recycle are taken to a material recovery facility, where they recover any recyclable materials.

Call 503-638-1011 for product delivery and large truck volume discount information.
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